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Macumba School

Occultism courses, witchcraft, with accompaniment and certificate.


Occultism and witchcraft courses, various magickal systems. Exclusive content produced by the author. Affordable prices. Downloadable certificate. Follow-up and clarification of doubts.

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Vampyre magick

Umbanda course

Sumerian Magick

Santeria and Palo Mayombe

Santa Muerte course

Occultism course

Kimbanda course

Heka -Egyptian Magick

Gypsy Magick course


All courses are exclusive content, created by me.

There are multiple-choice lessons to ensure that the student really learns about the topics.

The courses have a page where you can leave questions and comments. You can also contact me by email: ,or WhatsApp: 351+966533288

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occultism Macumba school

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Original and exclusive occult courses. Witchcraft, Kimbanda, Santeria, and Palo Mayombe, Vampyre magick, Santa Muerte, Sumerian magick, and more. Downloadable content.

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