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gypsy magick

Gipsy Magick course

Course of three modules, three lessons.


Essential Gypsy Magick Course. How to prepare the altar, the elements of the altar. Specific days for gypsy magick. The main gypsy spirits to invoke. Three modules and three lessons. 

Various spells.

gypsy magick

Gypsy Magick

There are three modules with theory and practice.

Three multiple-choice tests.

Syncretism in the history of gypsy magick and gypsy people.

Altogether, about 42 pages of content.

The history of the Gypsy people, their religion, their way of life, and their beliefs about God and life after death.

The cult of the ancestors' spirits in the cemetery (the "Pomána").

Days of doing magick, the witch "Shuvani", phalanxes of spirits to invoke and their offerings (Wladimir, Nzira, Tamirez, among others), moon phases.

Magick tools, setting the gypsy altar, how to consecrate the magick wand ("kosh"), prayers to Sara Kali.

There are numerous spells available for love, health, sex, protection, and money.

Amulets (horseshoe, anchor, fig sign, wheel, pentagram, hexagram, keys).

Astrology, gypsy signs, and their correspondences (candle colors, crystals, herbs, personality characteristics, and more).

Oracles, divination with dice, divination with a knife ("dukkering").


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