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kimbanda magick

Basic Kimbanda course

Introductory course to Kimbanda. Basic, because in fact, a real initiation has to be in person and lasts at least 7 years of tests and obligations.


With this course, you will get to know the history of Quimbanda (Kimbanda), an Afro-Brazilian magick system. 

The organizational chart with the hierarchy of the Eshús and Pombagiras of the 7 Kingdoms and the Phalanges. Sung points and prayers, working with each one (love, protection, luck, money, sex, revenge), with some practical spells and herbs listed in the last module.

Baths and smudges with magickal herbs.

Kimbanda magick

Kimbanda course

Three modules, three multiple-choice tests.

There are three modules, but they are divided into sections and have a lot of content. There are 50 pages in total.

Hierarchies: Kingdoms of Kimbanda, lineages and phalanges, Kimbanda Xambá, and goetia.

Eshús and Pombagiras for abundance, open paths, defense and attack, love, sex, and more.

Malei line, lineage of souls, cemetery lineage, mossorubi lineage, and more.

Realms include the kingdoms of crossroads, cemetery crosses, forests, and calunga (cemeteries), among others.

Eshú Chieftain, archetypal figure from Luciferian Kimbanda and Kimbanda Xambá. Contact your personal Èsù.

Eshús as sentient electromagnetic forces.

Èsù as an Nkinsi (Òrìṣà).

Practice: Eshú altar - Consecrate the statuette and necklace (eleke).

Places of Power (cemeteries, forests, crossroads, rivers, etc.).

Practice: A basic altar for Eshú, offerings (ebós) for Eshú, consecrate Eshú statuette.

Bonus spells: Free someone from the oath of death, contact the Eshú of the 7 Crossroads to open your paths, Maria Padilha of Souls, separate two people, invoke Eshú of Sludge, and more.

Prayer to Eshú Skull, sigils (crossed-out points), and their symbology.

Sung points for King of the 7 Crossroads, Eshú Streets-locker of the 7 Crossroads, Eshú Black Cape, Eshú 7 Shadows, Pombagira Mary Padilha, Eshú Tata Skull, among others.

The pemba (consecrated chalk). How to consecrate the pemba. Magick herbs (Ewés) – Spiritual herbal baths.

A list with dozens of herbs.

Spiritual baths. Eshú cleansing bath, Pombagira cleaning bath. Eshú smudging, smoke spiritual cleasing.

To purify the environment and protect, herbs for smudging with Pombagira.

Kimbanda Glossary.


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