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egyptian magick Heka

Heka- Egyptian Magick

Seven modules: Theoretical and practical. Follow the path of Kemeticism.


A very complete course with about 7 modules and 7 lessons.

More than 50 pages.

Theoretical and practical.

How to prepare the altar. Offerings and correspondences of the various gods (Neteru). Invocations. Amulets and ritual tools.

The four cardinal points.

A glossary of Kemetic Terms.

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Clarification of doubts.

Horus god

Egyptian Magick

The five elements (Fire: Am, Earth: Ta, Air: As, Water: Nua, Quintessence: Sa) and correspondences of each one: candles, crystals, incense, tools, and perceptions.

The four cardinal points (Imseti, Hapi, Quebensenuef and Duamutef) how to summon them.

Setting the altar, which direction to settle the altar, elements, and candle colors for each deity.

Commemorative dates, nine subtle bodies of man.

Basic ritual for the solitary practitioner.

Practice. Rites and ceremonies, purification rites (Wabu), ceremonies (Iru), Hebu festivals, transformations (Kheperu), initiation ceremonies (Sa Akhu), daily rituals,

akhu rituals (Ancestor worship).

Worship postures (with images), Dua, Sen, Hesy, Hemsy, Henu, and others.

Hymns to the gods, offerings, and invocations.

How to invoke the major Egyptian gods, as well as their offerings (incense, herbs, candles, crystals, and foods).

Kemetic hymns and invocations.

Magick tools and amulets.

Heka scepter, flail (Nekheka), Uas scepter, Sekhem, Ankh, Djeset, Udjat, Sistrum, Khpepri, Tyet, and more.

How to consecrate the tools.

Bónus: practice; spells for love, health, and protection, an Anubis exorcism ritual.

Magickal names and their meanings: pick one.

Kemetic glossary.


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