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About Macumba School

Macumba originates from the kimbundu "ma'kôba". It is said to be a percussion instrument, but it also means ceremonial dance or magick ritual.

In Kimbundu, Ma'kôba means "dance" or "musical instrument".

It was also a cult in the late 19th century, the traditions of ethnic Sudanese slaves were Zungu and Macumba.

The practitioner of macumba was the cambone. The term "Ma-kiumba" still means "spirits of the night".


The course content is exclusive and created by us.

The student has follow-up and can clarify doubts in the course comments or via email.

You can download monographs (in PDF and color) of the classes.

The certificate of completion is downloadable.

To ensure that the student has studied and learned the subjects, there are multiple-choice tests (must pass with an 80% accuracy).

Other online learning sites sometimes require a 99% accuracy rate in lessons. We dropped it to 80%.

The student can repeat the lessons.

Courses with lots of practical information (rituals and spells for the student to do), unlike other sites that only give theoretical information.

We charge 40 or 43 dollars. Unlike some that charge 100 dollars per course, we charge 40 or 43 dollars.

Secure payments via PayPal.

The author, Asamod ka, is a mage and author experienced in the occult for over 20 years. He has several published books.

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Asamod Ka is a pseudonym. The author has been an experienced mage for twenty years in the fields of occultism in general, Sumerian magick, Kimbanda, Luciferianism, Santería. Author of numerous books.

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