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vampyre magick

Vampyre Magick

Course of real and initiatory vampyrism. The term vampyrism, or vampyro with "y" distinguishes the lore vampire from the true vampyre mage.


You won't fly or walk through walls or drink blood.

This course is in energetic and magickal vampyrism.

We take real vampyrism seriously. Develop a magnetic personality; tune in to the ancestral gods.

Develop your disciplines (siddhis, occult powers), learn Obscure Reiki (Left Hand Reiki) and more.

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Vampyre Magick

A very complete course.

There are 8 modules, 8 lessons, and about 80 pages of content.

Non-sanguine energy vampyrism, vampyre initiatic magick. History of vampyrism: vampyre vs. vampire.

The magus and vampyre archetype, shadow working, psychic development. The history of Vlad Drakul.

Heka; egyptian magick, and the vampyre. The real concept of immortality. Anunnaki gods and vampyrism.

The mark of Cain.

Apep, lord of chaos, Lilith, Kali, Nix, Hekate, Loki, and others. Vampyre organizations from the 1960s to 2000.

Symbology, the ankh cross. God Erebus, personification of darkness, Tiamat.

The blood and phantom effect of the DNA.

The Black Veil code of conduct.

Practice - Rite of Self-Initiation / Ritual in the Coffin and the Myth of Osiris (Osirification). Ritual of the Messenger.

Absorption of a deity (viadescioism), altar - altar elements. How to ritualize a ring.

Siddhis (disciplines, occult powers). Exercises: Internal Mobilization of Energy, energy of your hands, psy balls, stimulating your night vision, scrying, and more.

Develop your energy field. Invisibility and the aether/prana cloud, the Golden Dawn method, the hindu method, summoning the ethereal energy.

Hymn to the Aakhu ancestors.

Developing a magnetic personality and influencing others.

Glamoury spell. Dark Reiki (my own original method).

Magick names. Vampyre glossary.


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