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Santeria and Palo Mayombe

An introduction to Cuban Santeria and Palo. The Orishás, herbs, correspondence, rituals.


Course has four modules with several pages each.

Altogether, about 50 pages.

Four lessons. An introduction to Santeria and Palo Mayombe.

The adimú (offerings) of each Orishá. Initiations. Herbology, and more.

palo mayombe ritual

Santeria and Palo Mayombe

Obviously, an initiation into Santeria or Palo Mayombe takes years, being in person. But this course is an introduction to Santería that allows the student to be an informed practitioner.

Santeria origins (La regla de Ocha) and Yoruba religion, Palo Mayombe origins (the Rules of Kongo). Espiritismo cruzado (mixed spiritism).

Santeros and babalawos, the Orishas (mpúngos).

The worship of spirit ancestors (egunguns), the spiritual boveda altar.

The Orishás and their correspondences-offerings. Orishá Aggayu (Shangó's father), Babalú Aye, Obatalá (known as Tiembla Tierra), Elewá, Nkuyo watariamba (Ochóssi), among others.

Anima sola (untranquil soul).

Practice-Many spells and prayers of each Orishá.

Spells for love and dominion. Adimú (ebós, offerings).

The Palo Mayombe initiation (rayación, scraping), the nganga cauldron (prenda), the oath; the santeria initiation (coronation of Saint); the necklaces (elekes).

Orula’s Hand initiation. Babalawô (the knower of secrets).

Ewés / Herbology (a long list of herbs). Spiritual baths for protection and opening paths. How to make black salt and how to use it.

Glossary of Terms.


Versão portuguesa deste curso aqui.

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