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santa muerte magick

Santa Muerte course

One of the most powerful entities in Mexico, a complete course with 5 modules and 42 pages in all.


The course has five modules, 42 pages, and contains four multiple-choice lessons to put your knowledge to the test. Clarification of doubts and follow-up.

Bonus rituals for various purposes: protection, health, love, taking down enemies.

santa muerte spell

Santa Muerte course

There are 5 modules but about 42 pages, theory and practice.

Four multiple-choice tests.

History of the Santa Muerte cult: Niña blanca, huesuda, flaquita. Candle colors and statuettes: the meaning of each color.

The lord Death of the Aztecs (Mictēcacihuātl), drug cartels, and Santa Muerte's protection.

How to engrave names on candles; how to ritually consecrate the statuette of Santa Muerte.

Indicated phases for the rituals, moon phases, thanking offerings (ex-voto, manda), types of offerings for Santa Muerte.

Setting the altar, protective prayers to work with Santa Muerte (amparo).

Santa Muerte seal. Rosary of Santa Muerte and the prayers, litanies, and novena for Santa Muerte.

Practice: prayers for luck, for health, wealth, protection, a prayer to dominate someone, prayer for guidance, love, sex, protective scythe prayer and more.

Many spells (trabajos/ works), for sex, binding, destruction of enemies, protect yourself from enemy bullets, reversion of the opponent's spell, spell with a coffin, etc.

Santa Muerte amulet and how to consecrate it.

Seven Santa Muertes' powerful spell.

How to make black salt, Siete Machos fluid (with seven herbs), Santa Muerte balm for love, a bath to open paths, and more.


Versão portuguesa deste curso aqui.



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