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occultism course

Occultism course

A complete course on magickal systems, rituals, occultism, and magick tools.


Three large modules, forty pages, three lessons. Become a complete mage instead of a curious practitioner.


Occultism course

There are three modules, but they are long, with several pages. Some sites have more than 10 modules but with little text each.

I chose to create three modules, but longer.

Definition of Magick: magick with a "k". Magick and quantum physics. Four Secrets of the Magus-the four arcana: audere, velle, nescere, and tacere.

Rituals – Consciousness, energies, energy exchange during a magick ritual, magnetic intent, affirmations, sympathetic resonance.

Sekhm energy, sympathetic magick, the quantum vacuum, the astral field, and the quantum vacuum. The four elements/planetary correspondences, planet of each zodiacal sign, the spiritual logos of each planet, and the symbols of each planetary spirit.

Kabbalistic angels of each sign and their symbols.

The moon phases and magick hours, magickal hours and planets chart. Candle colors and each color's vibration.

Spiritual cleansing baths, discharge baths, ceremonial magick (what is posism).

Spiritual entities communicate with our subconscious mind.

The five classic magickal acts: evocation, divination, enchantment, invocation, and enlightenment.

Five levels of magickal activity explained: witchcraft, shamanism, ritual magick, astral magick, and high magick.

Magick systems: witchcraft system, stregheria, Kabbalah, high magick, chaos magick, thelema, umbanda, planetary magick, pathworking, enochian, and more.

Magick tools and the altar. Magick baths and herbs.

A list with dozens of herbs for: protection, cleansing, health, meditation, and luck.


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