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Legal Information -Terms of use

Legal information

Privacy Policy:

We do not collect or store your personal data.

The Payhip hosting platform securely and confidentially processes student access data.

The author, Asamod, highly values ​​the privacy of users and, unlike other course websites, will not send you newsletters or SPAM to your email.


Macumba School's service, including the content catalog, is regularly updated. In addition, different aspects of the service are continuously tested, including the website, user interfaces, promotional features, and content availability.

The Portuguese version of the site is at, with the English version being at the domain:

Terms of Use:

The student will be solely responsible for their login (password), and will be responsible for all acts performed with them. Because of this, it is the student's responsibility to keep their password safe and secret.

The student only pays once (there are no recurring subscriptions), and he can access the content whenever he wants, at his own pace (there are no online classes through videoconferencing).

The student undertakes NOT to:

Copy, modify, reproduce, distribute, sell, resell, or create products derived from our content.


The courses are hosted on the Payhip platform, which guarantees payment processing in a secure and encrypted way with Paypal.

Paypal is a safe payment processor that has been around for decades and has more than 110 million users all over the world.

I have tried to apply affordable and fair prices for each course.

Of the course fee, I still pay Payhip a percentage for the web hosting, their commission, and 3% to Paypal, and I still pay the V.A.T. To give you an idea, I only get 21 dollars from a course that is 41. 

Macumba School does not issue refunds, as we consider that the student is aware of the content to be purchased (in the curriculum list of each course). Also, when the student accessed the course, he had already downloaded the PDF texts and monographs.

We cannot refund the value of a product that the student has already consumed (the teachings in texts) and the PDFs that he has already downloaded of the lessons and has in his possession.

The courses are of high quality, and as soon as the student buys a course, they have lifetime access to it.


All contents, texts, and monographs that I make available are the property and authorship of Asamod Ka. Macumba School is a registered trademark.

The texts are protected by copyright and registered at In good faith, I make PDF monographs available for download, but you may not share or copy the contents, or we will act legally.

The contents of these courses are ORIGINAL, created by the author (Asamod ka). They are not copied from other courses on the internet.

The author, Asamod Ka, has been an expert in the occult for over 20 years, with several books published. He does not "regurgitate" repeated information, as is common in courses on "Jewish Goetia", "Chaos Magic", or "Thelema".

Asamod produces new content with comments and complementary and enlightening information for the students.

Being the author of Portuguese nationality, this also made it possible to produce exclusive content for you, such as European witchcraft, gypsy and Afro-Brazilian witchcraft. The topics that the author has mastered 100 percent.


In all modules of the courses, the student has the possibility to clarify doubts and be accompanied, either by commenting in the comments box of the page, or by email:

When purchasing a course, the student has access to the modules of the classes (text), access to support materials (PDF monographs) for download, and receives a certificate at the end, with follow-up and clarification of doubts via email. WhatsApp: 351+966533288

Course certification.

We are looking for a certifying entity for the courses, but many are not very credible or are businesses (they charge hundreds of dollars).

To get an idea, in Portugal DGERT does not have certification for courses in the category of occultism and magick, but for common courses they charge a fee of 500 euros to evaluate a course, they collect the fee, even without guaranteeing that they will approve the course.