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umbanda religion

Umbanda course

Introduction to the Umbanda course.


Obviously, initiation into Umbanda requires years of practice.

But this course is intended to provide the student with basic Umbanda knowledge and practices.

The Orishás, the rituals, offerings, and elements of each Orishá.

Three large modules with three lessons each total about 41 pages.

umbanda religion


Three modules and three lessons.

About 41 pages.

Umbanda, a well-known afro-brazilian magick system. Orishás and eguns. History. Father-of-Saint and son-of-Saint, Babalorisha and Ialorisha.

Syncretism between each Orishá and the catholic saints. Olorun (God). Cowrie-shell divination (Érindinlógun).

What is macumba (Ma'kôba)?

Hierarchies in the temple (terreiro). Sacraments in Umbanda, Amací rites, medium's confirmation, Lying-down rite, coronation. Magick names.

The concept of Orishá, main Orishás (Ochosi, Ogun, Shangó, Obaluaiye, Ossain, Oxumaré, Iansã, Yemanjá, Oxum, Nanã, Olokun, and more).

Correspondence between each Orishá and the planets, seven chakras and the Orishás, day for each Orishá.

The mission of Eshús and Pombagiras.

Other entities: caboclos, old blacks, herdsmen, baianos, sailors, and gypsies. Incorporation of entities.

Ceremonial clothing (urunangas).

Necklaces, the “saint's guides”. The altar (congá), the altar's elements. Umbanda Glossary.

Bonus: Magick baths and herbs; spells. Oshun bath for attraction. Spells for love, Ogum magick to ward off evil, an Ossayin ritual to sell a property, Offerings to Shangó and more.


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