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sumerian magick

Sumerian Magick

Sumerian magick course (theoretical and practical) with three modules, two lessons, and various rituals at the end.


The student will be evaluated (there are two lessons with several questions; must pass with 80% accuracy).

There are three modules and two lessons.

At the end, the third module includes the practical part (rituals).

The student will learn about the Sumerian gods, the different types of rites, and how to prepare an altar.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.

The course was prepared by an experienced mage, Asamod ka.

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Sumerian Magick

Become an ašipu (mage), delve into the magickal mysteries of Mesopotamia, and Pagan Reconstructionism.

Three modules, two lessons. More than twenty pages.

The history of the Sumerians and the Anunnaki (Dingir). Religious Parallels Between Egyptian and Babylonian.

Ziggurat temples. What is the origin of the Anunnaki? Do they come from Sirius (KAK.SI.DI)? The Igigi semi-gods.

Dogon tribe and Sirius. Sumerian rites explained: Šurpu ritual, Maqlû ritual, Nambumbu rites, exorcism prayers in English and Akkadian.

Types of rites: invocation, evocation, consecration, and execration. Temple hierarchies: Lugal, Tupšarru, Shailu, šipu, Baru.

The four cardinal directions, North: Ninlil, South: Enki, East: Enlil, West: Anu and Enki. Settling the altar (Guhšu).

Magickal use of the salt and consecration of the salt.

Practice: rituals, sigils, offerings, and invocations to the gods-Inanna, Marduk, Enki, Anu, Pazuzu, Tiamat, Mamitu, Lamashtu, Šamaš, Nergal, among others.

Nergal's Revenge Ritual. Settling Pazuzu's altar. Love, sexual magick with Lamashtu, turning into a sexual succubus, and more.


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